Providing Internet, networking and computer servicing for the Phoenix metro area since 1994.

Today’s computer networks have become the back bone of a company’s information technology. Virtually all company information is handled on a company’s network. The interconnection of business related information and the physical network it resides means that the health of your computer network has a direct effect on your company’s health.

Treknet can provide expert consulting for all your network administration needs. We can perform a comprehensive network review to determine your network security level, provide hardware repair or replacement, server administration, virus and spyware removal.

Many companies have neglected the importance of safe guarding their data from catastrophic loss from viruses, hardware failure, fire, water or theft. Treknet can evaluate your current backup processes to evaluate the safety of your data and make recommendations to improve your data protection. We can implement multiple data safety methods to ensure more than one way to recover from a data loss.

Treknet can document your network and show you the path to cost effective network upgrades. We can provide the expert Information Technology services your company needs to compete more effectively in today’s market. Even if you have an IT department we can provide supplemental support or consultations on new paths of technology that can improve your company’s productivity and profit.

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