Providing Internet, networking and computer servicing for the Phoenix metro area since 1994.

Treknet has been in the Internet and networking business from the beginning of the modern Web based Internet in 1994. This long term experience through the explosive growth of the Internet along with our experience in supporting client’s local networking, hardware and software needs gives Treknet a practical understanding on how to best utilize the Internet to your businesses’ advantage.

The Internet that was once considered a luxury is now an indispensible tool of business. Almost every modern business is critically tied to the reliability of their internet connection which makes the Internet the single most important and flexible tool available to today’s business. This tool, when used effectively, can grow a company’s customer base and expand its foot print anywhere in the world in the most cost effective way. Many small to medium sized businesses miss out on much of the potential advantages and profits that can be gained from utilizing all the aspect of the Internet beyond just email and a website.

Much like any tool, the Internet can be abused by employees who endlessly “surf the net”, visiting sites and receiving emails that can deliver dangerous viruses and spyware to your business. Many businesses have no indication their network has been invaded by computer viruses and spyware. Businesses lose valuable private data everyday by these invisible viruses living silently inside their network.

Treknet can scan and audit your current network for your vulnerabilities and remove these threats. We can protect your valuable network investment with security which allows you to scan all incoming threats and control exactly what business related websites your employee’s can visit. We can implement effective security strategies to help protect your company from these ongoing threats.

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